User Experience week – what we learnt about our app and picky eating

User Experience week – what we learnt about our app and picky eating

We’ve just spent a week at the AcademyXi offices in Sydney, with some of their super smart students, reviewing and working on the user experience (UX) of our app. We reviewed a lot of the research on picky eating and spoke in-depth with our feeding therapist OT Laura Simmons. The students prototyped ways to improve the app experience, new features, how we display our data, and how to┬ákeep the kids engaged through more ‘gamification’.

We had 3 sets of parents and kids come in and use the prototypes to help with our user testing of the new ideas.

Awesome to see it all in action, learn where the pain points were and how we can improve, which we’ll use to create our product roadmap of new features and changes.

Also a great insight into picky eating in general, I picked out 4 main themes:

  1. What works for one kid might not work for another, that’s why we try to keep the app flexible and will be adding more foods, more activities.
  2. Monkey see, monkey do. Get in there and get messy, play and eat with the child. Having family dinners helps with this too.
  3. It’s OK if they can’t eat it right now, we’re working towards that in small steps by having positive experiences with food.
  4. Picky eating affects the whole family, it can create huge stress on parents (more on that in our next post).