Location: VIC - Melbourne

Simone Emery – Play with Food

Nutritionist in Melbourne.

With 4 years of clinical experience in a team of occupational therapists, Simone provides online video therapy meals, home visits and runs a preschooler food playgroup. NDIS registered provider.

Rachel Smith and Nicole Wu – Learn to Eat. Love to Eat.

Speech Language Pathologist in Melbourne and Geelong.

Learn to Eat. Love to Eat. workshops have been developed by speech pathologists, who have extensive experience in the field of infant and child feeding.

Nicole Wu – NW Speech

Speech Language Pathologist in Melbourne.

Speech Pathologist with a passion for helping children learn to eat and enjoy a variety of food.

Natasha Lane – All Over Nutrition

Dietitian in Melbourne.

An accredited practising dietitian (APD) that loves cooking and eating. With a special interest in sensory processing and how it contributes to food aversion and restrictions, especially in the neuro-diverse.

Amalie Pearce – Little Bites Nutrition

Nutritionist in Caulfield South.

I have a passion for busting nutrition myths and teaching my clients how simple health & nutrition can be. There are no bad foods, just bad habits. Let me help you to build some new ones.