Location: United States

Hana Eichele – Roots Pediatric Therapy

Occupational Therapist in Scottsdale.

Hana specializes in Feeding Therapy for kids ages 2-11 years. She also provides traditional Occupational Therapy services for persons between the ages of 2-21+ years and all abilities.

Meredith Price – Priceless Nutrition & Wellness


I’m here to help moms-to-be, mothers, and families learn the best skills and tactics on how to nourish themselves while still enjoying food.

Catherine Callahan – Chikids Feeding

Speech Language Pathologist.

A speech-language pathologist, feeding specialist, certified lactation counselor with over 10 years of experience working in a Pediatric Hospital setting, I’m here to provide support and individualized treatment for children with feeding difficulties and their families.

Lauren Leipper – OT mama

Occupational Therapist.

Occupational therapist & feeding coach: Nourishing your family’s relationship with food from baby’s first foods to picky eating concerns.

Katharine Jeffcoat – Portland Pediatric & Family Nutrition


I’m a pediatric dietitian and specialize in picky eaters, ARFID and other eating disorders.

Jennifer Friedman – Jenny Friedman Nutrition – Autism Nutritionist


I help autistic kids and extreme picky eaters try new foods while providing their parents with practical strategies to improve diet variety and nutrition.