Learn more about picky eating

Learn more about picky eating

If you’re interested to learn more about picky eating, fussy eating, selective eating, ARFID or however you want to call it, here are some links we have found helpful:

  • Some reasons for fussy eating developing and ways to help by Dr Jennifer Cohen https://www.drjennifercohen.com/help-your-fussy-eater/

    “Your child needs to be comfortable touching food, smelling it, playing with it and being near the food, before they will even consider taking a bite to try the food.”

  • SBS – The truth about fussy eaters documentary
    A great introduction, still accessible on demand in Australia.
  • A recent article discussing a new study “Don’t pressure your picky eater — it doesn’t work” with comments by Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP

    “what a child eats is so closely wrapped up in a parent’s sense of responsibility and nurturing, said Potock. “And in my experience, it’s often because they’re scared and worried about their child’s nutritional health,” Potock said. For other parents, she said, it might be about food waste, “especially parents who may be struggling financially.”

    Potock suggests playing with food, such as using beans in a tic-tac-toe game.”But don’t say eat your beans,” warned Potock. “You can make a child eat the beans, but they won’t learn to love beans.””

  • Ellyn Satter – division of responsibility
    Satter recommends ‘family style meals’ putting all in the centre of table split out into component parts plus a couple of sides which the child likes, then they can pick what they want and also get the chance to see the other foods too.

    “The division of responsibility in feeding (sDOR) encourages you to take leadership with the what, when, and where of feeding and let your child determine how much and whether to eat of what you provide.”

  • The ARFID diagnosis criteria, previously known as Selective Eating Disorder.