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Beryl Smith – Sensory SMART OT

Sensory SMART addresses food hypersensitivities through ‘exposure techniques’, peer support and fun in our groups called:
Cooking with Little Friends (Preschool) and
Cooking with Friends (Jr and Sr – Primary). ‘Budding chefs’ can experiment with their talents in this social group that also develops teamwork and the life skills needed for cooking and cleaning. There is also opportunity to try new smells, tastes and textures while having fun, socialising and making new friends.

4 tips to overcome picky eating

My son was an extreme picky eater, he was afraid of food. There was a time when he could only eat 4 or 5 foods and couldn’t even touch many. We all dreaded the stress of mealtimes and I was worried about his nutrition. Luckily we’ve come a long way from then. We recently had…
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Our top 10 tips to help picky eaters

Raising a child who is a picky eater can be challenging. At Learn Play Eat we want to help families overcome picky eating by sharing what we’ve learnt from our experience with an extremely picky eater, and from many discussions working with health professionals. We’ve put together our top 10 tips below: Get the nutrition…
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How to help young children learn about food

For all children to develop a healthy relationship with food it’s important to consider how we talk to them and teach them about food; this is especially true for picky eaters. Feeding therapists and paediatric dietitians say that young kids do not need and are not yet able to learn the complex details of nutrition,…
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When to seek help for fussy eaters

Image: Children learn how to eat a variety of food from a very young age, but this process isn’t always smooth sailing. Refusing to try unfamiliar things or only eating a handful of foods is quite common up to the age of five, with around 50 percent of toddlers likely to be fussy with…
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Help for picky eaters in your own home

If you’re faced with helping a picky eater develop a healthy relationship with food, you may be wondering where to begin.  While in some cases, seeing a health professional is the best way forward, there are also many things you can do at home to help your child get on the right track with their…
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Food Explorer 30 Day Challenge

We’ve put together some awesome free printable activities which you can do with your child to help them to overcome picky eating. With just a few minutes every day, and new activities each week, we can help kids to become curious about food and learn new ways to explore foods through all of their senses.…
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Hana Eichele – Roots Pediatric Therapy

Occupational Therapist in Scottsdale.

Hana specializes in Feeding Therapy for kids ages 2-11 years. She also provides traditional Occupational Therapy services for persons between the ages of 2-21+ years and all abilities.