Category: Therapists

Beryl Smith – Sensory SMART OT

Sensory SMART addresses food hypersensitivities through ‘exposure techniques’, peer support and fun in our groups called:
Cooking with Little Friends (Preschool) and
Cooking with Friends (Jr and Sr – Primary). ‘Budding chefs’ can experiment with their talents in this social group that also develops teamwork and the life skills needed for cooking and cleaning. There is also opportunity to try new smells, tastes and textures while having fun, socialising and making new friends.

Hana Eichele – Roots Pediatric Therapy

Occupational Therapist in Scottsdale.

Hana specializes in Feeding Therapy for kids ages 2-11 years. She also provides traditional Occupational Therapy services for persons between the ages of 2-21+ years and all abilities.

Meredith Price – Priceless Nutrition & Wellness


I’m here to help moms-to-be, mothers, and families learn the best skills and tactics on how to nourish themselves while still enjoying food.

Catherine Callahan – Chikids Feeding

Speech Language Pathologist.

A speech-language pathologist, feeding specialist, certified lactation counselor with over 10 years of experience working in a Pediatric Hospital setting, I’m here to provide support and individualized treatment for children with feeding difficulties and their families.

Simone Wright and Lenore Scali – Developmental Paediatrics

Dietitian in Bondi Junction.

Simone (Paediatric Dietitian) & Lenore (Speech Pathologist) offer a multidisciplinary feeding assessment and food based feeding therapy. Combined they have 32 years clinical experience.

Simone Emery – Play with Food

Nutritionist in Melbourne.

With 4 years of clinical experience in a team of occupational therapists, Simone provides online video therapy meals, home visits and runs a preschooler food playgroup. NDIS registered provider.

Sabrina Fontanesi

Speech Language Pathologist in Ribeirão Preto.

I have been a speech therapist since 2008, and for three years in the area of ​​eating difficulties.

Rene Fraser – Child First Therapy

Occupational Therapist in Five Dock.

Rene Fraser is an experienced occupational therapist who has a passion for working with children and families who have restricted eating.

Rachel Smith and Nicole Wu – Learn to Eat. Love to Eat.

Speech Language Pathologist in Melbourne and Geelong.

Learn to Eat. Love to Eat. workshops have been developed by speech pathologists, who have extensive experience in the field of infant and child feeding.

Nicole Wu – NW Speech

Speech Language Pathologist in Melbourne.

Speech Pathologist with a passion for helping children learn to eat and enjoy a variety of food.