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Food Explorer 30 Day Challenge

We’ve put together some awesome free printable activities which you can do with your child to help them to overcome picky eating. With just a few minutes every day, and new activities each week, we can help kids to become curious about food and learn new ways to explore foods through all of their senses.…
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User Experience week – what we learnt about our app and picky eating

We’ve just spent a week at the AcademyXi offices in Sydney, with some of their super smart students, reviewing and working on the user experience (UX) of our app. We reviewed a lot of the research on picky eating and spoke in-depth with our feeding therapist OT Laura Simmons. The students prototyped ways to improve…
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Our journey with picky eating

Our son has been a picky eater since 8 months old. He’s now 5 and we are now thankfully moving in the right direction. At its worst, he was down to around 10 ‘safe’ foods, including plain pasta mini shells (no spirals or penne thank you very much!), weetbix, bread, cheese, milk, crackers, nuts and…
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