4 tips to overcome picky eating

4 tips to overcome picky eating

My son was an extreme picky eater, he was afraid of food. There was a time when he could only eat 4 or 5 foods and couldn’t even touch many. We all dreaded the stress of mealtimes and I was worried about his nutrition. Luckily we’ve come a long way from then.

We recently had some friends over for a lovely BBQ and filming session! The super-talented Keiran, film-maker and host of the Secret Ninja School, helped me to tell our story and the 4 things we do to support our son to overcome eating challenges.

Four tips to help Picky Eaters

Here’s the key points:

  1. Nutrition – check they are getting what they need
  2. Feeling safe – include food they can eat at every meal, remove all pressure and persuasion around food
  3. Play with food – make food fun and exciting!
  4. Experiences around food Рbuild more positive associations with food

If you’d like some ideas for playing with food have a look at our Learn Play Eat iPhone app!

We’d love to know what you think and if these approaches might work for your child.