Learn Play Eat

Playful activities and games you can use anytime and anywhere, to help end picky eating.

Helping families overcome picky eating

For picky eaters, even touching a food can be tricky.

The Learn Play Eat mobile app gives you food play ideas, games and activities to do at home. Y
ou can help your child make friends with food, which may help them overcome food phobias, selective eating and ARFID.

Built by parents who’ve been through it, with advice from professional feeding therapists.

Here’s our top 4 tips to help fussy eaters:

How our app works

1. Choose your food

You choose which food you want to use and prepare it. Each section contains a group of similar foods to choose from.

2. Learn and play

Our app suggests appropriate activities and games. Your child can complete it all or just the parts they are comfortable with.

3. Track progress 

Points are earned for every interaction with a food, and there are certificates to download and colour. Track progress and share with family or health professionals.

4. Try again

With repeated exposure to the foods in the experiments, your child will become more comfortable with them and maybe even happy to try eating new foods.

The Learn Play Eat app

Our activities use playful games to encourage kids to interact with food.
Starting with just looking, all the way up to tasting, we have fun with food!

• 200+ food activity & game ideas
• More activities and foods added regularly
• Track your child’s progress
• Reminders to keep you on track
• Daily tips and mealtime hacks
• Exclusive community support group
• Approved by qualified feeding therapists
• For children aged 3 to 6+

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Why does food play work?

Small steps and frequent positive experiences with food through play, means that young children are less scared of new foods, may explore further and will have the opportunity to try eating them when they are ready.

It’s based on methods used by health professionals in feeding therapy.

Our app gives you the structure to help your child succeed. 

Our families say…

For parents like myself who know that their child’s eating is more than just “picky”, for parents who are waiting for professional assistance but want to do something, I would highly recommend this app. 

Katie, UK

 It’s a great starting point for people who cannot afford or access OT services with face to face programs with an OT feeding specialist. This ticks all the boxes.
I’d definitely recommend.

Megan, Sydney, AU
mum of a picky eater

I don’t feel as left out and alone in this journey with my daughter now.

Esther, Texas, USA
Mum of a picky eater

Our story

Our son used to eat less than 10 foods, he was an extreme picky eater.
Through play-based Occupational Therapy and home activities we are winning.
For those working with a therapist, the Learn Play Eat app can be a big help with home work. But, not everyone can easily access professional help. So through our app we want to share this method with more families, to reduce stress, improve nutrition, and help make food fun again. 

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